Friday, November 15, 2013

The stress is building

Of all the things I thought I would be stressing about at this point in my life, I never thought it would be money. I figured I would be worried about scheduling interviews, traveling, or matching into a program of my choice. In stead all I have time to worry about is money, or the lack of having some. The application fees have really drained all of our finances and its taking a toll on me. The worst part is that there is absolutely nothing that can be done except watchfully waiting for the holiday season to pass until my next financial aid check arrives. My last one might I add. I don't even know how we are going to buy a turkey for thanksgiving or pay our rent in December let alone buy gifts for my little one. Ok...ok rant over. I just needed to vent and remind everyone to save every penny they can for application/interview season. No matter how you plan it's not going to be enough so plan wisely.


Anonymous said...

Hi Teddy!

I was searching Ross University Medical School online and came across your blog! I have been reading it and have questions for you if you see this comment and don't mind answering!

I am about to enter my application cycle year for medical school, and while I would love to get into a US allopathic medical school, I understand that it gets harder with each new app cycle. I was considering caribbean schools but have heard horror stories of people not passing the USMLE because the curriculum is different/inadequate, or people not matching into residencies.

I would love to become a neurosurgeon one day. Is there any insight you can give me into Ross U? Is it a good school where I will be able to learn to be an amazing doctor? Is the island safe to live on/easy to adjust to? Is it difficult to get clinical rotations in the US, and when you get them, do you feel as though you have not learned as much as your US med counterparts?

I'm just nervous and would love any insight!
Hope you see this!

MOM2MD said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you find my answer helpful. Ross University is a wonderful opportunity for students. As far as Caribbean schools go, it is in the top 3 and it is very safe, the education you will receive rivals US schools and our board pass rates meet and usually exceed the average pass rate for US schools. We also receive full US financial aid. The island is safe and beautiful. There are occasional crimes there but there is crime no matter where you go and you must be cautious and smart!
As far as the match we are FMG's and with that our match rates are definitely lower than the US, especially for very competitive specialties i.e. neurosurgery. It doesn't mean it cannot be done but if neurosurgery is your number one goal and you don't want to settle for anything less I would recommend that you try your hardest to get into a US medical school. We have many students that get into very competitive specialties but they are the exception and not the norm as we are foreign graduates and most of us go into primary care. I would recommend that you look through our match appointments which are listed on the Ross University web site and that you also attend one of the informational seminars if you are truly considering Ross as an option. I truly believe that Ross has given me a fantastic opportunity and I will become a great doctor, in 4 short months.