Thursday, December 12, 2013

A tour of Kentucky

This week my family and I are on a tour of Kentucky. We have never been here nor have we ever even driven through here. We packed our little SOUL and a cooler full of food and headed out. First up was east Kentucky. OMG! it is so beautiful here. I was totally surprised. I expected corn fields and flat lands and instead I see mountains, hills, and forests. I LOVE IT! My sweet little girl was so excited she just ran around in circles kicking snow and playing. Every farm and ranch she laid eyes on she wanted it. It was so cute. I think they were just excited to join me on my interview trail for a change. I must say it is really nice to have company on those long drives and to share some of this beauty with them.

I love spending time with this girl!

She is such a self proclaimed "fashionista!" even on road trips.

We leave east Kentucky today and head to west Kentucky for my next interview and can't wait to see what opportunities and scenery it holds for us.

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