Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Another interview done

Just came home from my third interview and I must say that not all programs are made a like. At first I wasn't sure that I would see such a clear cut difference in preference but after 3 interviews I definitely have my favorite. My surgery program has been surprisingly accommodating with my interview schedule although I am working a lot to make up for it. I feel exhausted. Between the traveling, the 30 hour call shifts and the early mornings the rest of the days, I can barely keep my eyes open when I am home. Next interview is in a few weeks. It's the only one I'm flying to so far. Hopefully that will help with my fatigue. It's a bit too far away to drive.

Last week I got to spend 5 days with a pediatric anesthesiologist. It was a wonderful experience learning how to put the little ones to sleep and keep them breathing during surgery. I also got in a lot of practice intubating (inserting a tube into the airway), starting IV's, bagging patients, and watching some seriously cool surgeries. Back to my trauma team this week and for the next month. Oh yeah and I'm on a 30 hour call on Thanksgiving :( Hopefully that means I don't have to do it on Christmas.

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