Thursday, October 24, 2013

Being on call

I had my first call shift and I am so tired. The day started yesterday when I woke up at 4:30am to be at the hospital by about 5:15am and start rounding on my patients by 5:30. As an on call student you have to round on your assigned patients, do history and physicals on all of the consultations from the ER as well as respond to all incoming traumas, we are a level I trauma center. Needless to say there is not much time to eat, sleep, read, or use the bathroom when you are on call. There are usually 2-3 students on call together. We officially passed on our phones and pagers to the next set of students at 5:30am but then had to round on our patients from the day before, stay for an hour lecture, an hour of sit down rounds, and an hour of walking rounds. It was nearly 10am the next day before I made it home and passed out. I'm awake now and starving with a massive headache. Time to make some dinner and spend some time with the family before I have to be back at the hospital tomorrow morning at 5am.

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