Monday, September 16, 2013

A watchful wait.

Yesterday was September 15th and the day that ERAS Residency applications went out. It was a stressful and very exciting all in one. I submitted my application just after 9am after proofreading it what seemed like at least 100 times. But it submitted without problems and I somehow avoided the server crash. I spent the rest of the day shopping at the farmers market, doing laundry, and watching football.  Financially I have no clue how we will make it until my next financial aid (my last) comes in late December but.... not a choice really. Applications are expensive. 100 programs is just over $2000 plus the NRMP fee which is $60.  And then there is the interviews themselves.  Now comes the worst part of just waiting to hear from programs. I must admit there are about 4 programs I am really hoping to hear from and will be rather heartbroken if I don't, one specifically. But there is nothing you can do at this point but wait...and wait...and wait... Thanks for waiting with me.

Time to hit the road!
On a bright note, I'm on vacation! I have a 3 week gap in my schedule that I could not fill and I am loving it. I have no test to study for, no applications to fill out and I truly get to just hang out at home, go to the gym, catch up on some reading and movies, and spend time with my family. Love it!

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