Monday, September 23, 2013

Interview season begins

All of last week I literally thought I was going to loose my mind waiting to hear something, anything, from residency programs. I exhibited some serious lack of self control as I continuously hit the refresh button on my email. It seemed like all around me people were getting interview invites already!!! and I had received only a few emails stating "we have received your application and are reviewing it". All sorts of thoughts started creeping into my head, am I good enough, do I look good enough on paper, will anyone want me, etc.... I was so anxious I think I almost lost my mind. I stopped logging into Facebook. Anyhow, I had finally distracted myself sufficiently and naturally had completely over reacted and given up hope when at 4pm on Friday a residency program called me and invited me for an interview. I think I jumped up and down for 30 minutes straight. I was so excited. Somehow that one little phone call validates you as a applicant, student, person. Ridiculous but oooohhh so true. So this Wednesday I will be heading out of town for my first interview. So for those that will apply next year and are wondering if all programs send you confirmation emails that they have received your application or if all interview invites are via email I can say that... Not all programs will email you and interview invites will come via email or phone call.

On Sunday, I packed up my family and headed out to the mall to buy a suite. I had so much fun trying clothes that my husband and daughter picked out for me. It was a blast. Now I just have to have it tailored, oh the joy of being short :). Keep me in your thoughts on Friday as I will be busy hopefully impressing this residency program. I wont say where it is but let's say it is in a state that we are really hopeful to live in.

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