Friday, September 6, 2013

Ten days

Future Dr. Teddy

So I thought I was keeping it together pretty well considering this stressful time of my life. I handled the stress of the constant nagging that had to occur in order to get all of my letters of recommendation uploaded into ERAS. I focused while completing my application and reviewing it over and over again. I didn't even stress too much over the 100 programs that I finally settled on for my application. I committed and uploaded my personal statement and never looked back. But low and behold.......I got all dolled up last night and sat in my living room with my hubby by my side taking pictures in different professional attire and I completely freaked out. With every snap of the camera another evil though crept into my head. Was I pretty enough? Did I look professional enough? Did I look too old? Did I look too fat? Was that shirt too bright? Too dark? It seems ridiculous to have these thoughts going through your head. We are judged so harshly during the residency application process did I really need to start judging myself? We finally agreed on a picture and we couldn't get it to upload. So I guess that was the cherry on top of my big pile of stress because I fell apart and lost it. I suppose you can ignore the stress all you want but you shouldn't be surprised when it rears its ugly head at the most unexpected time. I feel better today. My application is complete. Yes! we managed to upload the picture. That was the absolutely last thing I had to do. And I'm even happy with the way it turned out. Ten more days and I'm free...oh wait...I guess ten more days and I'll start to stress about the interviews or lack there off. This life of a medical student is no easy road but man do I love it.

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