Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just a few days left

Well my exam is just a few days away and I wrapped up UWorld yesterday. I finished my last 200 questions and was exhausted afterwards. Suddenly 350+ seems daunting. For the next few days I'm planning on reviewing the questions I got wrong and reading through my lowest scoring sections. Over all my UWorld average was about 15% higher then step 1 so hopefully that translates into a good score. On step 1, my overall average predicted my score exactly.

Why didn't I take an NBME practice test you may be asking? When you have a family you don't have funds that others may not think too much about. I wasn't able to buy any of the NBME practice exams as they are about $55 each. It doesn't seem like a lot but that is groceries for a week around here and some things cannot be sacrificed. Until you've had to stretch the same financial aid that others get to feed 3 people, it's hard to understand.

Overall, I feel confident at where I am. I still feel very nervous and cannot wait to get it over with. On a brighter note something BIG and very exciting is happening in my life but I've said too much already. I'll keep the suspense going for a little while.

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