Sunday, July 7, 2013

ERAS Token

Well I promised myself that I wouldn't even look at ERAS until after my exam on Friday but I broke down and purchased and registered my ERAS token today. The reason being is that all of my letter writers are asking for it and they know ERAS is now open so I really can't use that excuse any more for not having my AAMC # available for them. I have to say that I got instant heart palpitations when I saw all the stuff waiting for me to fill out. I'm really not even going to go there until next weekend. ERAS token total cost $100. Cheapest part of applying to residency. OH and for those that don't know what ERAS is it is the Electronic Residency Application Service that all medical students have to go through when applying for Residency programs. More on this process as I experience it.

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