Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yesterday I had my orientation for my Family Medicine Core Rotation. It lasted about three hours during which time we had an introduction lecture, lots of confirming of paperwork, instructions on how to get our badges for the hospital ER and a lot of sitting around. We had a surprise visit by Ross Medical School Dean who gave us a pep talk and let us know about all the changes Ross is making in the clinical department and also asked us what we thought needed improvement. As always he left us with encouragement to email him without hesitation regarding any issues or problems we might be having. I really like him, he genuinely wants to make our school better and improve the student experience and I see his vision and work reflected in the clinical department. I also received my schedule. I will be doing three two week rotations and 12 hour ER shifts every week. I am very excited. Currently I am patiently waiting for 9 am so I can contact the first clinic and find out when I should be there. Each clinic has its own hours and expectations of their students and we are expected to call and find out the details of their schedule, how we are expected to dress, and what hours and days we are expected to be there. These experiences change with each mini rotation. I fully expect to go in today, hopefully. The thought of sitting home one more day is just unbearable. Although I have started studying. That is all for now.

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