Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby fever

OK so maybe sitting by myself all day is not as good of an idea as originally expected. Having all this time to think and reflect has made me realize how much I want to have another baby. It seems impossible right now and unfortunately I am not getting any younger. I really need to do it soon if I am going to do it at all. But....when is a good time for a medical student or brand new doctor to have a new addition to their family? Anyone? I don't have the answer to this question and honestly I'm not really sure that there is an answer. As a woman can  you really have it all? All I know is that right now, money and time are in short supply, so it's definitely not the right time. But my body is screaming. Make it stop. Quick someone let me play with a baby for a day.

PS there is a great article I read on this topic and i'll share the link. Perhaps catching up on my RSS feed is also a bad idea :) Why Women Still Can't Have It All by Anne-Marie Slaughter


Rinny said...

The 17 month old gets up EVERY morning between 5-6am. If you are getting up anyway this isn't such a big deal, but he does it on the weekends, on vacation, when he is sick, when he is healthy. Everyday! And he has diapers that would curl your nose hair. How about that for assistance? That being said, I have no idea when a good time is. I believe it is just like most things...you do it when it happens and figure the rest of it out.

MOM2MD said...

It use to be that my memories enough to over ride my maternal instinct but as the years move on I find that my maternal instincts are winning out. And it doesn't help that everyone else in my family is feeling the same way. HEHE