Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Visa packet has ARRIVED!

With every passing day our move feels more and more real. Between the house preparations, the for sale sign going up soon, the craigslist adds and now the arrival of the visa packet for the Bahamas, our trip appears closer than ever. The big envelope arrived yesterday, one week after I received an email from my Ross University advisor that it was on its way. Inside there are instructions on all the paperwork we need to do, and there is lots of it. Both Brandon and I need complete physicals including HIV testing. We need to get police reports, bank statements, passport photos and 2 reference letters from non-family members. And all this is due in 3 weeks, Feb 1. That means that I really have to get all this done this coming up week. So much to do and they sure did not give us very much time. Well I must go paint. More to come later tonight…

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