Friday, January 15, 2010

My to do list...

I set out on a mission to write my to do list today to help me get organized. I have so much to do next week and very little time to do it in. This next week is going to be very busy for Brandon and I as we try to complete our visa packet for the Bahamas while also putting up our house on the market. Yes, our house will officially be on the market as of Monday January 18th! It's very scary and exciting all at the same time. So the to do it is.

1. Brandon's physical and blood work –Visa requirements include a complete physical and his is scheduled for Tuesday

2. Teddy's physical and blood work –Scheduled for Monday

3. Letter of clearance from the police department -I called three different places and kept getting referred somewhere else. I finally got through to someone and was told that we must go to the DPS office in Austin to get our letters. Looks like we have to take some time off to do this next week.

4. Brandon needs to apply for a new passport. His expires this summer.

5. I need to get two $100 money orders for each visa application. Luckily Gabby's application is tagged on to mine so we do not need to pay for her separately. (Not needed, Ross actually covers the cost of the visa application for the Bahamas campus.)

6. We each need two sets of passport photos, Gabby included

7. I need to order my final set of transcripts and have them sent to Ross University main office in NJ to show proof that I successfully finished my last class since I was accepted prior to completion of the semester.

8. Purchase our round trip itinerary per visa requirement by Feb 1. I actually purchased our tickets from Austin to Freeport, Grand Bahamas today. It set us back $800. I have to wait to get our return tickets till next week. We leave on April 6th at 7:15am from Austin and arrive in Freeport at 4:35pm. I have been told that we will be met at the airport by a Ross University representative and will be driven to our housing.

9. Last but not least, I must mail our visa packet no later than Jan 25th to make sure that it arrives by Feb 1.

P.S. I totally forgot…Brandon’s birthday is on Thursday Jan 21. Hmmm…what to get him.

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