Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 1 of bedroom remodels

The day began with a nice, cold, and cozy morning. Gabby and I woke up bright and early at 6:30 this morning, not because we were ready but because the electricity went out and it was freezing in the bedrooms. Thankfully Brandon was already awake and working (he was on call and had been up since 5am) and the fire was burning, heating up the living room nicely. The power was out till noon and Brandon ended up working from home until about 10am. These unfortunate events REALLY set us back on our goals for today. We did not get started until 1pm. Despite this we were able to get a lot done. Last night we removed all the furniture from the two bedrooms and move it, unfortunately, into the living room and garage. This was helpful today because we were able to get right down to scraping the ceilings. Brandon took one bedroom and I took the other. We had it scraped down in no time. Then it was time to sand and patch the ceilings. We ended the night at 7pm and I was even able to paint with primer on the ceilings. Not bad for such a late start. The goals for tomorrow are to finish painting and to put the carpet in.

Gabby was an absolute angel today. She had complete freedom and lack of supervision she enjoyed herself. She had the camera and was taking lots of pictures of mommy and daddy covered in white powder as well as TONZ of pics of her toys, the TV, her feet and self photographs. We were just glad that she was able to entertain herself while we worked. This would not be possible without her cooperation. As a treat she gets to camp out in our room tonight, her favorite thing. Well it’s time for some cowboys football and I’m exhausted. More to come tomorrow with some before/after pics.

Spare bedroom before.

The lovely popcorn ceiling that we have spent the last 6 hours removing.

Gabby's room before

The mess that is my house


Gabby's self photograph

Gabby's photography

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