Friday, January 29, 2010

Police Report Insanity

So completing the visa packet has not been a big deal, mostly just a process. However, acquiring the police reports has been a long and crazy process. We are suppose to get 2 official copies, each, of our police report stating that we do not have a criminal background. I started calling our local police department immediately and was transferred to 5 different places. After 2 days of phone tag Brandon and I finally decided to just stop by the police department. The receptionist was very welcoming. She seemed to know what we were talking about and had us fill out some papers and told us 3-5 business days and we would get a phone call letting us know that our paperwork was ready. That was on Feb 12th. We still have not received a phone call. After many frustrating attempts to get in contact with someone that can update us, I have completely given up on the Bastrop police department.

Thankfully I have a friend, who is in Dominica right now as a first semester student. She was able to guide me to a place in Austin that may help. So yesterday Brandon and I went down to the DPS office in Austin and did a criminal back ground check. Our reports will be ready for pick up today at 3pm. So what was suppose to be a simple process and cost us $8, ended up being a long, drawn out debacle that had us fingerprinted, photographed and cost us $50. But in the end I will be sending out our Visa paperwork today. Phew...will be glad when that has left my hands.

For those that may read this blog in the hope of finding useful information to aid them in their own ROSS chaos the DPS location for fingerprints and background police checks is located at 108 Denson Dr. Austin TX 78752

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