Monday, January 4, 2010

Garage Sale

Well we had our first garage sale. It was completely insane and extremely successful. We woke up super early, like 6am and began filling our front yard with stuff, lots of stuff. Everything from our extra stove to fishing gear. We had a huge turnout and made nearly enough money to buy our tickets to Freeport, Grand Bahamas. What a relief. And that was only Saturday. We continued on with our garage sale on Sunday, although I must say that it was not nearly as fruitful. We are having our next garage sale on Saturday Jan 16th. And I think we will sleep in on Sunday and only do a one day sale. I have to admit that selling off our possessions, although sad at times, was very freeing. Our garage has not looked cleaner since we moved in. Looking forward to the work to be done this week:

1. Rip out old carpet in Gabby's room and spear room

2. Scrape the awful popcorn ceilings

3. Paint

4. Put in new carpet

5. Move furniture back in

Steps 1 through 5 must happen this Saturday and Sunday. It's going to be awful but then we will be all done and ready to SELL!!!

Our goal is for the house to be on the market beginning next week.

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