Saturday, December 26, 2009

iPod touch

I was so deeply touched this Christmas morning. My husband and I don't usually exchange gifts on Christmas, mostly because I was in school and funds were usually low around this time of year. We have always saved every penny to spend on the girls. This Christmas though we decided to go ahead and get each other a little something. I asked for an iPod shuffle to use when I run. Christmas morning I open my gift and I had an iPod Touch. Talk about surprised. Loaded with all kinds of apps for medical students. I just love that man of mine. So how he did this you ask without going over our $100 budget? Well, it appears that his work gave everyone the new iPod NANO back in October for the company’s' 10 year anniversary. Instead of taking this gift he exchanged it. Between the credit of the exchange and our set budget he was able to get me this absolutely wonderful technology. I can use Skype to talk to my family on it. I can look up all of my medical terminology. I can look up medications and standard treatments. I have anatomy flashcards. And so much more I don't even know about. I haven't put it down. I'm so excited. To add to the suspense of my gift, he had rolled up a parchment and put it on top of the gift box. It was so original. It looked like an old piece of burnt parchment. Inside was a pirate poem containing an encrypted message that i was suppose to decipher that told me what was in the box. Well once I finally figured out what the code letters were they spelled out iPod Touch. It was so wonderful and original. I was in tears.

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Rinny said...

He is extremely thoughtful. Glad you all had such a wonderful Christmas. See you tomorrow night!