Monday, December 15, 2014

Our new arrival

I know its been months since I wrote but there has really been a lot going on around here. I completed my first round of 3 inpatient service months (OB, Peds, and Family Medicine service). It was very difficult as I was in my last trimester of pregnancy during these 3 months. I did manage to complete them though and successfully finished my last rotation before maternity leave. The rotations themselves were great. The difficult part was getting around and the lack of sleep. Of course this only became progressively worse the bigger I became. Some days it was so difficult to walk around the hospital.

I was so fortunate to have a wonderful team around me that helped make me as comfortable as possible. The exhaustion towards the end was nearly unbearable and I was glad when it was all over. It ended not a moment too soon. I'm on maternity leave now and enjoying the five weeks of bliss with my baby and my family. It just so happens to be the Christmas season, my favorite time of year.

Marry Christmas Everyone! 

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