Sunday, October 12, 2014

Intern year so far...

So life has been very interesting these days. I am in my 4th month of my intern year and I feel like I have been an intern forever. I've learned so much I can't even describe it. The beauty of family medicine is the variety that one experiences from day to day and from month to month. My first month was all about orientation. My program is amazing as they really take their time letting you get to know the people and environment you will be working in. It was full of EMR training, all the BLS/ACLS/ALSO training, learning your way around the clinic and hospital, etc... Month two is where we split up and started our respective rotations. What I love about that is there are six interns in my class including me and every rotation we do there is only one of us. So we really get the full hands on experience. My first rotation was outpatient orthopedics. It was a nice mix between working with the orthopedic surgeons and working with the sports medicine docs. My second month was spent working side by side with the nurse midwifes and ob doctors at our hospital. I delivered 21 babies, did about as many circumcisions and assisted in multiple C-sections. it was a great month. Currently, I am on my first family medicine inpatient service month. The hours are long and so are the weeks. We get every other weekend off.  My mind and body are tired by the end of the 13 day stretch.

Outside of work, life is great. my daughter loves her new school and her 4th grade teacher. She has joined a fantastic program called Girls on the Run and is looking forward to running in her first race in November. Hubby is well too, he is in his first semester back at school and enjoying it so much more than I thought he would. He is also enjoying being a stay at home dad.

And what about baby you might be asking. Well HE is growing in my belly and my body is ooooh so tired. By the end of my 12-16 hour shift I am soooooo beyond exhausted and brain dead that I come home, kiss my family, and pass out. Its nearly over. Six weeks left to go before we meet our new baby boy and we cannot be more excited. Here is to hoping I make it to the end. Being an intern is hard on the pregnant body.


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