Sunday, February 16, 2014

Infectious Disease

I'm officially half way through my infectious disease rotation. I have seen a lot of pneumonias, HIV, UTI's, bacteremia (blood infections), and wound infections. I've even seen some tuberculosis and Steven Johnson's syndrome. It's all about learning the antibiotics in this rotation. Its a weakness of mine hence one of the reasons I wanted to take this elective.

One another note, I finalized my rank order list. First and last I didn't have to hesitate, it's the rest that took some thinking about. I considered public school systems, university opportunities for my husband (he wants to go back to school), job opportunities for him, cost of living and a location that will feed our souls. I sent a nice email to the program director of my number one program and received a really promising reply from him. I'm trying not to get too excited yet as it's really early and I will be crushed if I don't match there. I think over all I had a wonderful interview season.

I miss my family terribly and have been trying really hard not to get down. Some days are harder than others. I always find that a good run makes me feel better so I have been doing a lot of that here in the DC area. I've also been spending my weekends visiting some of the famous tourist attractions of the area. Lord knows there are many of them. I've also gotten to experience more snow than I have in many many many years.
Experienced my first snow day in about 15 years.

The capitol building was so beautiful all lit up at night.

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