Thursday, August 29, 2013

A bit of reminiscence

Isn't it beautiful!

As a young child I use to dream of the human heart. It was powerful and beautiful. Anytime someone would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say "I'm going to be a heart doctor". Even though I no longer want to be a cardiologist I still find the heart exciting and fascinating. I think every doctor should be at least part cardiologist. We all need to understand what makes the heart beat and what makes it fall apart. We need to possess the skill of fueling the healthy hearts and mending the broken hearts of our patients.   

I'm sharing these small thoughts because I'm in the middle of my cardiology rotation at the University of Miami. I'm also applying to residency in a little over 15 days so I'm feeling a bit melancholy. Rehashing old memories of my childhood, my life that has shaped the woman/mom that I am and the doctor I am about to become.  As the day that will determine the rest of my professional life approaches I am afraid of what the future holds and of rejection. I am sad as my life as a student is ending and I shall miss it. I am happy as my life as a student is ending! I am excited to start making a difference. I am anxious about the uncertainty. But mostly I am so proud of myself and my family for loving me and supporting me and never letting me stop dreaming.


Sharon Suh said...

Just wanted to post a comment here to say "Good luck!" and "Congratulation!".
I am so excited to see your blog postings. I am currently a nursing student who graduates may 2014, and decided to go medical school to be a doctor. Since i was unsure of my goal because i didn't see a lot of nurses wanting to go medical school around me, it was so special that i found your blog and read your experience. How amazing! I am so glad that you have been through a challenging and spectacular journey and wanted to appreciate you wrote your precious experience online for people like me.
I wish you have a great intern life soon!

MOM2MD said...

Hi Sharon, Thanks for reading my blog. I am so glad you find it interesting. I'm always willing to answer questions. Good luck to you.

Sharon Suh said...

Since you graduate Ross university, have you chosen your specialty?

MOM2MD said...

Yes, actually I have. I am applying to family residency programs with a rural medicine track.