Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Moving on along

Sorry for my absence but life has been a little stagnant and actually very nice. I've been enjoying a sort of normalcy I haven't felt in years. I'm almost done with my psychiatry core and preparing to start my second to last core rotation (pediatrics). The nice thing about rotations in the Miami area is that they have MOSTLY regular working hours (8-5). Allowing for study time and play time. I get to take my kid to swimming and dance class. I get to plan birthday parties and enjoy time at the beach with my family.

I have 6 months untill my application for residency is submited and out of my hands and boy is it going to be a busy 6 months. Currently I'm working out all the kinks in my CV and personal statement and submitting my application for my "deans letter". I am taking my Step 2 CS on April 8th and Step 2 CK on June 15th. I'm also leaving my family for two 4 week stretches. I'll be in Michigan the month of May and in Georgia for the month of July. This will give me an opportunity to do some family medicine electives in different areas of the country. I'm sad to have to leave them but I also know that I am very lucky to have been able to complete most of my clinical training in South Florida. So in the mean time I'm enjoying some me time and some family time. You have to take those opportunities as they come because they are rare and unexpected. I have made my decision on what I want to do when I grow up and what residency I will be applying to and will write on that soon. To most that know me, I don't think you will be surprised.


PS...my baby just turned 8!

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