Monday, August 13, 2012

Vaccines anyone?

This morning I packed up and headed out to the health department to get my second Hepatitis B vaccine. Five ours later my daughter and I walked out of there completely exhausted and starving. Yes it took that long to get a simple vaccine. Can I just say that my daughter is such a trooper? She even entertained all the other kids there. Why didn't I go to my doctor you ask? Well it's a simple matter of cost really. Doctor's office cost = $234, Health Department = $47. Personally I think this is shameful. I'm a healthy female who doesn't require more than an annual physical exam and the occasional vaccination and blood draw. I don't typically meet my yearly deductible so I have to pay out of pocket for my physicals and vaccines. So, although I pay an exuberant amount of money for insurance I can't afford to use it. Does this seem backwards to anybody else?

Anyhow, I'm just trying to get all of my paperwork in order for my clinical rotations. On top of what Ross University Clinical Department requires of me I need to have my titers rechecked for MMR and Hep B since they were low and I needed boosters. I also need a level 2 background check, whatever that is, and another drug screening because the one I had done for fifth semester was not detailed enough. All in all I'm pretty much finished and just trying to enjoy the last few weeks of vacation.

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