Monday, April 2, 2012 no more

As much as I hate to let it go I have had to stop paying for I am very disappointed but unfortunately the renewal came at a really bad financial time for our family. The only thing that i am truly sorry about is that I can't get my blog transferred back to here. So I'm taking it in good stride and I have decided to continue posting and updating this blog. So what has been happening with the clan you might ask? Well I successfully completed basic sciences and we have been living in Hollywood Florida since January while I complete my 5th AICM semester. We were really skeptical about Florida originally but we have fallen in love with Hollywood. 5th semester has been wonderful and I have had the chance to really spend time with my family and study for STEP 1. I passed COMP on the first try with a great score and plan on taking STEP 1 in June. I'm currently studying for my AICM final exam which is on Thursday and then heading head first into an 8 week STEP prep study schedule. I look forward to having some time off once I am done with my boards.

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