Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Packing our belongings into the barrel and suitcases was a big task. The main problem that we were running across is that luggage requirements were different. We were allowed 100lbs per person for a total of 300lbs from Freeport to Miami. However, we were only allowed 70lbs per person for a total of 210lbs between Miami and Dominica. Our barrel was already packed as tight as you can get it. So what did we do? We shipped a second barrel from Miami to Dominica. We were in Miami for 2 days during which we shopped at Walmart, Costco, and True Value electronics. We packed a 70 gal barrel with the 90lbs that we had to loose from our luggage as well as all the extra things we bought (clothes, shampoo/cond, school supplies for both Gabby and I), and other toiletries. I can't believe we fit it all in. It was fairly easy to ship. We used Tropical Shipping. The process was simple: drive to their warehouse with all of your things, buy a barrel ($16), pack your barrel, pay for the shipping ($60) and fill out paperwork, leave :). The entire process took 2 hours or so. So in the end what we brought with us to Dominica was 6 suitcases, 2 carryons, 1 guitar, and 2 barrels. We only lost one bag which conveniently arrived at the housing department the next day. Our 2 barrels are on their way and we are hopeful that they will be here next week at the latest. Which would be great since I put all of my school supplies in there including textbooks and notebooks so I have nothing to write on. I guess being in a rush didn't help with thinking through what was going in the barrel.

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