Thursday, September 2, 2010

Love at first sight

The flight here was not so bad, even on the small jet. I have been on a small jet like this before so perhaps it was easier. The airport was tiny and so was the runway.

Check out this link of our home video as we landed in Dominica. I knew that the island was used when shooting Jurassic Park but I was still blown away by the absolute beauty of it as we approached.
We were all exhausted on the way to the Ross University Campus but only Gabby was able to fall asleep as we couldn't take our eyes off the scenery
A splendid view on our bus ride from the airport

Another picture of the roadside on our way to campus from the airport.

Most people on our flight were Ross Students. This is all of our luggage arriving on campus shortly after us.

Waiting for our bus to take us from campus to our apartment. We lost one bag but it was delivered to the student housing department the next day.

Our first sunset in Dominica. We took this picture after the brief welcome orientation and dinner provided kindly by the spouses organization. We all sat outside and watched the sunset as the buses and landlords began arriving to pick us up and take us to our new homes. It was really a stress free and relaxing atmosphere, at least for us.

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