Monday, August 30, 2010

Our last week in the Bahamas

Our last week in the Bahamas was full of excitement as my friend Shelley came to visit us. We took her around to all the sites. We visited Dead man's reef, Lucaya national park, and the Garden of the Groves. Enjoy some pictures. The week was also full of stress and tears as we also packed and shipped our barrel, that was an adventure, and said good bye to our new friends. Gabby had a particularly difficult time saying goodbye as i believe she finally understands the meaning. She cried during the entire trip from Freeport to Miami. It was very difficult to watch and it was hard not to question my intentions and if i was doing what was best for my family. Ultimately I do believe that i am doing what is best for us and that we are exactly where we need to be.

Shelley surrounded by the beautiful beach at the Lucaya National Park
Walking on the Beach in front of the Radisson at Port Lucaya
snorkeling at Deadman's Reef
Shelley and I at Deadman's Reef

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