Friday, August 20, 2010


So what do you know, as soon as I decided to spend more time writing on my blog things here changed drastically. My best friend is visiting us from Texas and we rented a car and have been all over this island. Today we are going snorkeling at Deadman's reef. I am so excited. We leave the Bahamas island in 4 days and we have started packing and getting ready. Our fridge is empty! I have noticed it is becoming easier to just pack up and part with things. I can't wait for Dominica. As our transition is approaching I may not be able to update the blog much for the next few weeks so I apologize in advance. But there should be lots of new and exciting posts coming up as we embark on our new adventure and I begin my first semester of actual Medical School.

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Rinny said...

Write when you can, Teddy. I love reading about it. We continue to be so proud of you and miss you guys terribly.