Sunday, April 25, 2010

Quiz 1 approaches

 My first quiz is in 3 days and I have spent the weekend reviewing. The quiz is 40 questions, 10 from each class (anatomy/histology, physiology, microbiology/immunology, and biochemistry). We get to do the quiz twice. Once individually on the computer and once in our groups (there are 5 groups and 23 of us). In our groups we get a scratch off answer sheet and we decide as a group what the right answer is and scratch it off. If it is right then we get 5 pts if it is wrong we can choose again but now it’s worth 4 pts and so forth. Our professors will keep track of the points earned for each quiz by each group and the group with the highest scores at the end of the semester gets crowned the winner and receives a gift certificate. Your individual effort is the one that counts towards your grade only, the group activity is a learning experience.

These are the major concepts that will be covered on this first quiz: Facial/cranial/neck muscles and blood supply, Cerebrospinal fluid production, cell division/transcription/translation, some basic principles of immunology and hematopoesis, cell membrane and proteins, resting membrane potential, and action potentials; carbohydrate forms, glycolysis, coenzymes, TCA cycle, and the electron transport chain regulation and inhibition.

I’m a little excited for the quiz because I’m anxious to find out if I am studying correctly. There is a lot of information given to us and it is up to us to focus our studies. I think I have done a good job of not falling behind and reviewing the information thoroughly and repeatedly. Soon I will know if this has been affective or if I have to change my current study tactics.

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