Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just a little more like home

We finally have our barrel. It was delivered yesterday, two weeks after it arrived here in Freeport, Grand Bahamas. The process was pretty simple really. We shipped it through Tropical Shipping. We had two options, we could drop the barrel off ourselves in Austin or they could drive out and pick it up from our house in Bastrop. We chose to drop it off and save the $50 pick up fee. We dropped the barrel off on March 25th and it arrived in Freeport on April 9th. It was delivered to our apartment on April 23rd. The shipping cost was $160.

So what was the hold up? Turns out you need to have a broker to deal with customs for you and no one here on the island moves very fast. Fortunately, Ross University Housing Department had brokers that they normally deal with and they took care of everything. It took two weeks for us to get it delivered but it was a pretty painless process. We were worried about all the duties we would have to pay on the barrel since we had a lot of electronics inside but it only cost us the broker fee ($40). Everything inside was intact and nothing was missing. We were relieved.

Today it feels just a little bit more like home. With the sweet smell of homemade bread baking, music blasting from our stereo, and all of Gabby’s toys and books scattered about, we feel a little more at home.


Rinny said...

Glad that barrel made it safe and sound. Even to be without for a month, shipping a barrel of belongings in tact for $160 from Texas to the Bahamas can't be beat!

MOM2MD said...

No, it really can't. Had I know the process would be this simple I would have shipped two barrels. Oh well too late now. Glad to have our things.