Saturday, February 6, 2010


Visa=done, financial aid=done.  Now where to live...

Close to campus or close to the beach? Given that we will not have a vehicle I can see the convenience of both locations. Granted neither is really that far when you are on a small island. If we are close to campus then that will make life just a little easier for me. I could be there in 5 minutes time. If we are closer to the beach then I have to walk for 15-30 minutes in each direction, which would probably do me well. It would be great for Gabby and Brandon to be so close to the beach on any given day. If you have an opinion please answer the poll.

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Rinny said...

I voted for beach. The way I see it, you may enjoy those walks to and from to get ready for your day and decompress a little on your way home. Get your mind centered, if you will. The only thing that will stink is rain, or any inclement weather, or if you are running late. However, being close to the beach for B & G might make missing you easier. :)