Monday, March 17, 2014

The morning of The Match

Today is the day we find out IF we Matched. It's perhaps more important than the actual Match Day which is this Friday, the day we find out where we matched. Ultimately matching in general is so much more important then where you match. When we woke up this morning you could definitely feel the anxious energy around the house. Not just from me but from the entire family. Even the little munchie jumped into my arms and announced that today was "The Day" and that she was soooo excited and professes to me how she "just can't imagine US not matching". She really has a way with words. I can't help but smile at her and secretly envy her innocence at truly understanding the significance of today.  Results come out at noon, until then I will be cleaning the bathrooms and trying to stay distracted. Unfortunately I'm home today. I would so much rather be at work.

Stay tuned~

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