Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I hate bad dreams!

Last night was a restless, sleepless night. I really felt like I was keeping it together considering we are only 5 days from finding out if we matched but I guess my body had its own ideas. Perhaps this is the most stressful experience of medical school. If you don't match all the hard work is washed away. Without residency you cannot practice medicine. But I I said I thought I was keeping it together but last night I had a loop dream. Do you know what that is? It was like a movie take of a scene playing over and over and over on replay the entire night. I tried waking myself up only to fall right back to sleep and the loop would start all over again. It was horrible. Worst nights sleep in a long time. So what was the scene? Me opening the email next Monday telling me that I did not match. It said: Teodora we regret to inform you that you are unmatched. Is unmatched even a word? And yes that was the ENTIRE dream. Sigh!

I am so tired this morning probably from the extreme and sustained tachycardia I had all night. it's like I ran a marathon. I'll be happy when Monday comes and goes.


Christin said...

I'm a gluten, I'll admit it. I just read your entire blog, start to finish in a few hours, and the overwhelming feeling that I have is gratitude. Thank you so so much, from the bottom of my heart for sharing your journey from Texas to the Caribbean to Florida... I am going to keep you in my prayers these next few days, and pray that you get matched to your #1 choice. I now you will match, though. I have compete confidence in after all that I read... I was particularly captivated by your journey because I've recently been accepted in the April MERP program for AUC, but have an official acceptance to Ross for September of 2014.. You can say that I'm going through a bit of soul sera gun right now as to what to do... MERP for AUC or Ross... I've been out of school for 3+years working and had a low MCAT.... Any thoughts or suggestions would be wonderful. But if not, I'm keeping you in my prayers and eagerly await your good news about where you matched (which will happen!). Thank you again for sharing your amazing journey, it means more than you know.

MOM2MD said...

Hi Christin,

I'm so glad you enjoyed my blog and that you found some usefulness. No one can really tell you what to do as far as AUC VS ROSS but I would say to look at the one with better reputation and better clinical rotations. Both schools are good but it is my personal belief that ROSS is better regarded and better organized. I also believe that Ross has two different tracks on island now so I would look into that. They don't have MERP any more but they have a 5 or 4 semester option. Just look at all of these things before making your decision. Good luck with everything and let me know if you have questions.