Monday, December 10, 2012


During the first month of my Medicine rotation I have been assigned to inpatient care. This means that I get to work with Hospitalists all day. These are physicians that take care of patients while they are in the hospital. Three weeks into my rotation I already know that this is NOT the job for me. It feels too impersonal to me. I don't feel satisfied with just being able to get the patient well enough to discharge from the hospital and find myself constantly feeling like there is unfinished business. I want to know how they are doing but I have no way to do that. However, I am learning a lot as hospitalized patients are complex and are perfect for learning about multiple disease processes. It's nice to know what I don't like. Makes it that much easier to make decisions down the road.

PS. I totally stomped my OB/GYN boards. I always do well on my exams but this one was a wash out. I was so proud of myself. It really helps to study when you love the subject.

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