Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Perfect Day!

Sometimes I feel like I am playing the leading star in a Hollywood movie. What am I at this particular moment? A wife, a mother, a medical student, or a woman in desperate need of some time to herself. Juggling the many responsibilities of my life is not easy and I was fortunate enough to experience my many roles all jumbled up into a few short hours. The family and I went snorkeling with some of the new first semester students that are just getting here. Naturally my daughter is glued to me these days, since I am on break and around a lot more than I have been over the last few months. In the course of about 10 minutes I had the pleasure of juggling all of my leading roles. I went from being an upperclassman giving advise to a new student to navigating frequent interruptions by my 5 year old because she was hungry to being a wife and desperately trying to take a walk on the beach with my husband. It all ended with this completely surreal underwater experience. As I lay there in the warm Caribbean water a school of fish swam directly under me, inches away from my body, I could feel the power of the turbulence they were creating as they swam. There were thousands of them and I just floated there paralyzed with fascination savoring in the pure joy of it. It was at that moment that I truly was reminded that I am exactly where I need to be: with my family, living my destiny, surrounded by strong mental challenges, breathtaking beauty, pure excitement, and love of a family. It was truly a perfect day.

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