Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Anatomy Practical

Well the Anatomy Practical is done. It was 50 questions on the lower limbs, thorax, heart & lungs. A lot of identify this structure or what nerve innervates this muscle. A few harder questions but overall I think it went really well.

Tomorrow is my doctor patient society exam. We have to write a mock interview of a patient with some kind of heart problem. We wont know for sure until we get to the exam. On Friday is the histology practical and MINI III is Monday. This is a big mini with nearly 50 % physiology. This block is where i have really felt the benefits of MERP. It's cardiovascular and respiratory which we had great preparation  for in MERP. Of course here we covered it in greater depth and in a much shorter time frame.

Enjoy this picture of the west side of the island. It was taken during our first week here in Dominica. I'm looking forward to being a second semester student soon.

What a spectacular view!

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