Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I wanted to drop a few lines to let everyone know that we are doing GREAT! School is very demanding and I have very little time. I have so much to write about and share but Mini 3 and the final are just a few weeks away. I will give full updates very soon.
As far as school is concerned, I am doing very well. I'm really enjoying the new system's based curriculum that Ross has instituted this semester. We had mini 1 part 1 just two weeks into the semester. It was a short exam with only 2 weeks of material on it and it was a great way to get your feet wet. Mini 1 part 2 was 3 weeks after that, and mini II was another 3.5 weeks later. We are currently in our third block and by far my favorite, Cardiovascular. I love the heart! Mini III is just over 3 weeks away followed by a histology and anatomy practicals, dps practical, and the final. It's busy times.
Gabby is really enjoying the dayschool. She is reading level 2 books (she is in kindergarten!) It's amazing and her teacher's are wonderful. Brandon is adjusting as well and taking good care of us girls. We are looking forward to taking some family time and celebrating Thanksgiving.

Semester 1 is almost over!

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