Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Admissions Packet

The day of the MERP final exam, we received our admissions packet and there is so much to do (X 3 for me). I will list everything included in the packet below. Since we decided to stay in the Bahamas and complete our visa packet from here we are faced with some challenges. Everything takes a little longer to complete from here and we are not really sure of the best places to go. A lot of the blood tests and vaccinations were not required when we completed our physicals and tests for the Bahamas and so we have to do them now. I wish we had known about this prior to leaving the states as we could have done these with our own doctors back home. Since we do not have a relationship with any doctors here in Freeport we have to have consultations and physical exams done all over again even though we had them done 4 months ago. If we had completed all the blood tests prior to leaving we would just have to send our forms to our doctors back home to fill but that is not the case. Fortunately Ross University Student Services has been really great at helping to guide us. I will post the information of where in Freeport we completed each step as we wrap things up.

1. Round trip flight itinerary
2. International money order for $40 for me, $200 for my husband, there is no cost for the child visa.
3. Two official passport photos
4. A signed copy of passport
5. One original police report
6. One health certificate for student visa
7. One Medical examination form
6. TB skin test not more than a year old
7. HIV result report not more than a year old
8. Hep A and B proof of vaccine or titer results
9. One chest x-ray
10. Must have housing lease signed and deposit sent to Ross Housing Department in Dominica.
11. Financial aid and class registration

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