Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Appartment

I know sometimes this blog is viewed by future students. I wanted to make a quick post about how much I love our apartment and the area where we live. It’s a very quiet neighborhood. It is a 5 minute walk to Taino beach which is mostly visited by locals. It’s also where the fish fry is every week amongst other festivals. I love this beach because it is not covered by tourists and most of the time we are one of the only ones there. It really feels like a private beach. We live about 3 miles from campus so I ride a bicycle to school every day and when it rains one of the taxi drivers or the school driver will pick me up and take me to campus but really it has not been an issue. I love riding my bike to school every day. Its great exercise and I don’t need nearly as much coffee during the day. Our apartment is rather large one bedroom, for here. It is just under 700sq ft. everything is really clean and was brand new when we got here. The owner, Mr. J is absolutely wonderful. He responds to us quickly and works very hard to keep us happy. He even bought us a little grill when we had the big power outage as well as other things. The great thing is just his pure friendliness. The complex is small there are only 12 apartments and most of the people that live here are all related to Mr. J somehow. His daughter and her family also live here and that is really nice when you need something. I would strongly recommend this place for any future student. It is not a dorm room feeling so it would not be the place for you if that is what you are looking for. But…if you are like us and was looking for a quiet place to live this is the place. I’m posting some pictures of our apartment. If anyone wants more info, please send me a message.

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