Thursday, July 29, 2010

4th of July

So on the 4th of July we heard that they would have fireworks at Port Lucaya. Gabby was so excited to see some fireworks. The family and I packed up right before sunset and walked down to the beach because we have a nice view of Port from there. We sat on the rocks and waited and waited and...waited. It was 9:30, it was raining and Gabby was sooooo tired so we called it quits and headed back. We got home and Gabby fell asleep instantly. I sat on the couch and...what do you know, the fireworks started. Not to mention that we had a great view of them from the front door. So I got Gabby up and carried her outside so she could see the fireworks. After about 30 seconds she asked if she could go back to bed. It was an adventure.

Sitting on the rocks waiting and waiting!


Lakshmi said...

lol! Nice picture u both look mad :)

MOM2MD said...

We were mad that there was no fireworks!