Friday, April 9, 2010

Our new home

Our new apartment is small but more than adequate. The kitchen is tiny and will take some get use to but the apartment is fully furnished and ready for us. We did naturally have a bathroom problem as soon as we got here. The toilet valve broke and the shower head didn't want to work. It was something! Fortunately the landlord is so wonderful he had the plumber here in no time and all was well. It also took a few days for the internet and cable to come back up because someone ran over the cable box outside of our apartment complex, the night before we arrived. We have a great view of the green palm trees, the pirate ship and the big beautiful Bahamian villas from our back terrace. We have the pool view from our front door/window. It really is exotic and wonderful. The people are friendly and I have already met some great Ross students.

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Anonymous said...

Hi this apartment looks wonderful. I will be attending MERP this august and I was wondering which apartment this was? I am also debating between sunset lodge and coral beach hotel. Any input would be really helpful

Thank you