Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life in a barrel cont...

Ok, Ok...So some people have been very curious as to what this infamous barrel looks like. Well... here it is. It is a 55 gallon plastic barrel with a top and metal ring to secure it. It cost us $40 dollars and we bought it from a guy on the side of the road, seriously! It is now packed and ready to ship. It weighs approximately 140lbs., it is hard to weigh it exactly on our little scale. Inside you will find an array of "stuff" anywhere from our WII to coloring books to Ken/Barbie to an extra pillow or two. There is no telling what is in there. Oh yeah I can’t forget to mention that my bread maker is in there as well. It will cost us approximately $150 to send it from Austin to Freeport Grand Bahama. I will have more information on the shipping process as soon as we actually ship it on Friday. more thing off the checklist.

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