Friday, March 5, 2010

Expensive Lessons!

So I got a call the other day from Ross University that they received our cashier's check for the apartment deposit. However...they are sending it back to me because I had our bank make it out to Ross University instead of the landlord's name. I went back and read my instruction email and it did not state that anywhere. So...I am now waiting for them to send it back so that I can resend it. It cost me $66 to send it originally and now I have to spend another $66 to send it again. Sigh, don't they know that we are students and therefore broke! Hard lesson to learn.

On a brighter note we are preparing for Gabby's 5th Birthday Party!!! It is tomorrow. She is so excited. We also have lots of company visiting in the next 3 weeks. Brandon's dad is here and some friends arrive on Tuesday. Chace is arriving next week. It's going to be soooo much fun :)

Check back soon for pictures. We have 4 weeks left of our life in Texas, we are just enjoying every moment of it.

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