Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We have our apartment! I received our lease agreement today. We will only live in it for 5 months and we hope to rent a house once we get to Dominica. The apartment is 645 sq. ft. TINY!!! But on the plus side it is right next to the beach in Freeport. The apartment complex is called the Malindi House. We are very excited. It is a one bedroom/one bathroom. It is located approximately 1 mile from the bus stop and 3 miles from campus. It looks nice and clean. It will definitely work. Plus I will be in the library most of the time and Brandon and Gabby will be at the beach, so all we need is a place to sleep and cook. If you want more information on the apartment let me know. We have 7 days to send in the signed copy of our lease along with the deposit money ($1500) to Ross University Housing Department. For my family and friends that don’t care so much about the housing process for RossU please stop reading now. Everyone else who wants to know the steps please see below.

1. Search housing website provided by Ross University (through MyRoss link access)

2. Find apartment that you like and reserve it

3. Once you reserve the apartment a lease agreement is sent to the landlord and the landlord contact information is emailed to you

4. You get in contact with the landlord and make arrangements (it is my experience that you need to initiate this contact. I did not hear back from any landlord that I did not contact first)

5. Once you speak with the landlord and agree on terms of lease they will sign the lease and return it to Ross University Housing Department

6. When Ross receives the lease from the landlord they will email you a copy with the instructions on how to send your signed lease and deposit.

7. The deposit is usually equal 2 months’ rent -first month and security deposit (equivalent to one months’ rent but not to be confused as the last months’ rent). I hope that makes sense.

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